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Modena and Bologna motor tour.
Modena "terra di motori" and gourmet food.

Interested in seeing the car production lines? Yes you can but book early!

ferrari tour in Modena and Bologna

Suggested sport car itinerary, we will visit 3 destination in one day.

Modena and Bologna are not just about food. The area is also famous for the production of luxury sport cars, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. There is a great passion for motorbikes and cars or anything with an engine, in Emilia Romagna. There are more than 20 private collections and museums in the area.

Ferrari Gallery - Maranello - Modena.

Our tour includes a visit to one of the most famous car museum such as the Galleria Ferrari or the bike museum of Ducati in the near by Bologna. Our guide will accompany you in the visit and he will also take you to some important landmarks such as the Ferrari factory, and the Maranello test circuit. Ferrari Gallery is a car collection and it is changed regularly, here you can see famous racing cars, prototypes, and "regular" Ferrari build cars vintage and modern.

Shuttle tours and Production lines of the Ferrari cars.

While it is not possible for the general public to visit the factory lines (it is reserved to the owners of these amazin cars), Ferrari organises a shuttle tour of the facility. The mini bus with English commentary will tour the Fiorano track, and will enter the boundary of the factory, touring the externals. Visits are timed so need advance booking.

Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari - Modena

Newly opended in Modena in April 2012, this impressive modern architecture museum hosts a collection of the most remarkable Ferraris in a yellow car bonnet like structure. However this time the museum is not only about the cars but it focuses on the remarkable life of the Modenese Enzo Ferrari, pilot, enterpreneur, and of course funder of the most famous car marque in the world. It is also important to say that here you can also visit his house where he was born and see all his life in picture and multimedia.

Museo Panini - vintage Maserati collection - Modena.

Umberto Panini collected many rare examples of the trident car production such as the Maserati 6 CM type which only 27 exemplars exists and they had remarkable innovations for its time. Another impressive model is the 420M/58 Maserati Eldorado, the first sponsored car in the history of car racing, a unique model built to race in Monza 500 miles and driven by the famous British driver stirling Moss.

Here at the Panini museum which is located at the Hombre farm it is also possible to visit the organic Parmesan production, so if you are looking for a family day out or an incentive tour for your company, this is the place to make everyone happy. Advance booking essential.

Pagani Zonda - Modena

Production lines are visitable at this location

Sport car manufacturing does not get more mighty than Pagani zonda, the production debuted in 1999 and ended in 2011. The company specialises in production of sport cars built mostly in carbon fiber. The price for the cars is quite hefty and for a Pagani Zonda buyers are expected to pay at least 1.5 million dollars. Here at the factory visitors can see the productions lines and the car collections for a more moderate fee. It is a very popular spot so an early booking will grant your entry.

Lamborghini - Sant' Agata Bolgonese - Bologna

Production lines are visitable at this location

Lamborghini needs no introduction. Here at the factory just outside Bologna and about 30 minutes from Modena, visitors can take the factory line tour, where is it possible to see the production of the cars. The tour is in English but other languages are always possible. After the production lines the tour will continue in the showroom where it is also possible to admire some of the most famous model of bull car company such s Diablo, Gallardo, Murcielago, Miura, along with some prototypes like helicopters, military vehicles and speed boats.

Ducati - Bologna.

Production lines are visitable at this location

Ducati is definitely the mecca of the bikers, the museum is just outside the town of Bologna and about 40 minutes from Modena, days trips are possible from Florence, Venice, Ravenna, Milan.
The company organises factory production line tours, and collection tours in English but other languages are possible if booked in advance with our expert approved guides.
Places for visiting the factory lines tend to be sold out quickly so an early reservation will help you to get in.

Ferrari and Lamborgini test drives.

We can organise test drives on the public roads in Maranello, the cars avaible are Ferrari F430 COUPE /SPIDER, CALIFORNIA, SCUDERIA, F458 ITALIA LAMBORGHINI LP560.
For the test drive your will need a EU or international driving licence. The test drives are from 10 minutes to all day long. Prices start at 100 euros. DVD of the experience are available.

Ferrari Challenge track test drive - Racing circuit hire and race

If you have the cash to try the ultimate adrenaline rush activity this is for you. 6 laps on the Modena racing circuit with an instructor. In the car stock there is the the mighty Ferrari Challenge. The activity is ideal for a company incentive travel as you can hire the whole track and drive Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. English speaking instructors are available.

fiorano test track visit to Ferrari museum

Exclusive tours to private Car collections in Modena.

As second part of the tour we can take our guests to one of the many private car collection which are in Modena nowadays. Stanguellini museum is open to visits, many rare and racing cars are displayed here.
Panini collection is the unofficial Maserati museum which contains many vintage cars and bikes. Righini collection at the Panzano castle, a Modenese entrepreneur who collected several models of racing and sport cars now stored in the beautiful castle of Panzano near Castelfranco Emilia. Righini collection is only open to motor clubs.

Educative and fun for everyone!

The tour is aimed to understand the development of the motor engine from the need to work the land to the modern development of sport cars, bike and even airplanes.

The Collections and museums.

If you have an interest for cars, motorbikes, or engine in general Emilia Romagna is the lright place, there are many collections and museums that can be visited, we will be happy to arrange any excursion for you.

# Centro polifunzionale "Ferruccio Lamborghini" , # Collezione "Old Racing Spare Parts" di Mario Sassi , # Collezione Battilani , # Collezione Bruno Nigelli , # Collezione Mauro Pascoli, # Collezione Nello Salsapariglia, # Collezione Parmeggiani, # Collezione Righini (only visitable by journalists or motor clubs), # Collezione storica del trasporto pubblico ATC, # Fondazione Casa natale di Enzo Ferrari, # Galleria Ferrari, # Maranello Rosso Musei - Museo Abarth, # Maranello Rosso Musei - Museo Ferrari, # Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, # Museo dell'Auto Storica Stanguellini, # Museo dell'Automobile e annessa Scuderia San Martino, # Museo dell'auto e moto d'epoca Umberto Panini
# Museo dell'Automobile Bandini, # Museo Demm Motociclomotoristico, # Museo Ducati, # Museo Francesco Baracca, # Museo Lamborghini (Centro Eccellenza)
# Museo Nazionale del Motociclo

Article by Gabriele Monti



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