Learn Italian in Italy


Learn Italian in Rome to enjoy study in a most historic city

Language study is the most valuable and enjoyable experience. This excitement further increases if you choose to join the ESL-languages schools. These schools provide study of different languages that include French, Spanish, English, Germany and also Italian. Those who want to learn Italian can make a choice from the large number of alternatives provided by ESL-languages schools. One can decide to learn Italian in Rome which is a historic place comprising Roman churches, imperial temples, medieval tower and much more.  There are two schools where Italian language course study is also provided.  

Torre Din Babele is the partner school of ESL located at the heart of the city. Students enjoy practicing language in an enchanting and friendly atmosphere. Ultra-modern classrooms, computer room, Wi-Fi campus and beautiful lounge further create a perfect environment for the language study. We offer huge accommodation options that include shared apartments and a chance to stay with host family.  One can also learn Italian in Rome in the international house school. With thirty years of rich experience in this language course the school has also been recognized by the Education Ministry of Italy.

There are numerous options for the courses with guarantee of placements. Accommodations are offered for people with every taste and budget. Along with the study, the school also takes care of extra curricular activities. Rome, a capital of Italy is world famous for its fashion and style. Besides this, you can also select Bologna, known to be the best place for this language study. This school building is located in the heart of the city. Classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and air conditioned. Learn Italian in Bologna School that has a convivial atmosphere with the most skilled teachers.

The classes are taken in small groups so that every student feels free to ask any query during the class only. Along with the theoretical study practical study is also important and for which school organizes several activities. Leisure activities are also a part of this program that include culture and sports events, trips to historical and culture heritage places, adventure trips, evening parties and dinners with the host family. Host families are the local families with which students can choose to stay during the course study. You can also stay in the shared apartments in which you have to stay with other students to learn Italian in Bologna. The most prominent features of ESL languages schools are multicultural environment, innovative ways of study and excellent choices of courses with world class services. So, get linked to the number one agency in the whole Europe for the best language course study.  





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