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Modena amazing medieval architecture, luxurious sport cars, and delicious food.

Emilia Delizia is based in Modena Italy so we though to write an article about our fantastic town, forget Venice, Florence, Rome, remember Modena!

Where to sleep in Modena:

Modena can also serve as alternative if you find Bologna fully booked or too expensive especially during the exhibitions dates, as it takes only 20 minutes by train you will be better off staying in Modena. The hotel we recommend are Hotel central Park (very central 4 stars), Hotel stella (3 stars walking distance from station, recently refurbished next to the Enzo Ferrari Museum), Hotel Canal Grande (4 luxurious 4 stars in historical building), If you have a car you can stay at La Una Hotel and Hotel Fini Baia del Re (brand new but it is 7 km from centre, so stay here only if you have a car).

Where to eat in Modena.

You haven't eaten until you have been to Modena. First of all Modena is home of the world famous chef Massimo Bottura if you want to trill yourself with his 2 Michelin stars "Osteria Francescana" ( Via Stella, 22) make sure you book in advance. Tasting menu starts at 90 euros. If you find it too pricey you can book Massimo Bottura signature gastro bristrot "La Franceschetta" (Strada Vignolese, 58) dishes at 8 euros are a steal (booking essential dinner only). If you are in Modena for lunch you should try Caffe' concerto in the main square, at lunch there is a quality buffet for 15 euros. Finally if you are around for something more rustic you should try Ermes (Via Ganaceto, 89), the owner is living Modenese institution and it does not get more home made than this, you must arrive at 11.50 or won't eat. If you find Ermes fully booked you can try Aldina (Via Luigi Albinelli 40) which has the same feeling of walking into your Italian aunty dining room.

Mercato Albinelli tour and amateur cooking lessons

Emilia Delizia from January 2013 will organise mercato Albinelli tour to buy the ingredients, the guest will be then taken to our newly refurbished kitchen for some incredible cooking. The cooking lessons are intended for small group of discerning foodie travelers who want to learn more about the Emilia Romagna cooking style. Recipes will include fresh stuffed egg pasta, lessons can also tailored to the client's requests.
Mercato Albinelli is the town market where many if not all food and ingredients from the region can be sampled, specialising in local, zero miles and organic produce.

Lunch, Dinner, tasting experience with Emilia Delizia supper club.

From January 2013 Emilia Delizia will be offering to gourmet travelers, lunch or dinner experience, this is ideal for small groups who want to experience real home cooking with a modern flare. Emilia Delizia can organise wine tastings, balsamic vinegar tastings, ham and salami tastings, Parmesan cheese tastings for any sort of event or incentive travel.

3 gourmet food tour in one day.

Our Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, Lambrusco wine and Parma ham tour does not need introduction as it is popular than ever. We are between the few people in Italy and probably in the world who will take you to visit a real cheese production. Our tours can be customised to suit please ask.

What to drink in Modena: Doc organic Lambrusco wineries.

If you are in Modena you will drink Lambrusco, and everyone who tried stopped to buy Chianti. Lambrusco is truly unique red sparking wine which you will not find anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately the name was ruined by the 1970s demand for cheap sweet wine. But this is the past!
Emilia Delizia will be glad to organise a winery tour in the area, with tastings accompanied with our local cheese, ham, and vinegar.

Traditional Balsamic vinegar of Modena

Modena is famous all over the world for its "Black Gold", the amazing Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, still produced at home in small batched following an age old tradition. Emilia Delizia organise visits to acetaia (the vinegar loft) around town as well private tasting experiences based on Balsamic vinegar.

Ferrari, Maserati Lamborghini luxury car museums.

Modena is famous for its cars which are produced here. We can organise visits to the museums and factory lines so you can see how the cars are made. We can visits: Ferrari, Maserati (vintage), Lamborghini, Ducati (motorbikes), Pagani (concept cars).

Ferrari test drives and track days, incentive travel.

In Modena we can organise for you Ferrari and Lamborgini test drives on the public road, and if you have certain budget we can hire a private racing track for you and you can drive a Ferrari Challenge

How to get to Modena:

Modena is very well connected, by air you can arrive from Bologna airport which is no more than 30 km away, you can arrive by train from Bologna is a very short ride of only 20 minutes. In Modena there are 2 motorways one connecting Milan and the other one the Brennero motorway which comes down from Austria to Modena.

From Bologna to Modena there is a train every 30 minutes please check the Italian railway website for info

Article by Gabriele Monti



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